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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we allow outside food inside our bar/restaurant?

Yes, with a purchase at our facility.


Do we take reservations?

No, we are first come, first served establishment for the time being.  Occasionally we may have a special event that will offer an opportunity for reservations. 


What happens if I don’t close out my tab for the evening?

20% gratuity will be added to tabs left open at the end of the night.  If your credit/debit card is left at the facility, we will hold it until you return for it.  


Do we book private events?

Yes! Contact Ty Byington at for inquiries.  


Are pets allowed?

Don’t worry, we like pets but they are only allowed on the front patio due to regulations set by the health inspector. This is the front patio that is next to the sidewalk and not the back patio that is enclosed by a fence. 


What if I have a service dog?

Yes, if the pet is a service animal.  It is important to note the difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal. Service animals (typically dogs) have been trained to perform specific tasks that a person is incapable of performing on their own. For this reason, service animals are allowed in public spaces such as a bar or restaurant where other animals (including emotional support animals) may not be allowed to go.  Emotional support animals will be allowed inside if you have an approved ESA letter from US Service Animals that is specific to your pet.  You can acquire this letter ESA letter through US Service Animals.

Are children allowed inside our establishment?

Yes, they are. Although we serve alcohol, children are allowed since we offer and serve food in addition to our beverages.

Why don't you have, tequila, Tito's vodka, scotch, etc.?

Our liquor license only allows us to sell products that we manufacture on our premises. Therefore, per Iowa code we are not allowed to offer products we do not make at our own facility.


Can you smoke on the patios?

No, it's illegal per Iowa code.


Do you offer tours or tasting room events?

Tours and tastings are coming in 2023! Check back on our website soon!


Can we buy your merchandise or products on-line?

At this time we are only selling these products at our facility in Clear Lake.


Where do you manufacturer your spirits?

Our spirits are produced at our facility in Clear Lake. We have several large viewing windows so you can see our equipment.  While most of the production occurs during hours our retail bar is not open, you might catch us back there working on the mashing, fermentation or distilling process, or filling or labeling our bottled product.


Do you have games at your place?

We have cornhole/bags on our back patio and some board games for your enjoyment.

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