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Private Events

General Information

173° Craft Distillery would love to host your private events! During our off-

season (from after Labor Day to before Memorial Day), we can temporarily

close down our venue to the public to offer you and your guests a first-class

experience, including with our mixology experts.

However, during our peak season we have a commitment to our community

and will not be able to temporarily close to the public to host your private

events during our posted/scheduled hours.

Please contact our Event Coordinator, Benjamin Nedved, to learn more about

our venue, availability and pricing. Ben can be reach at


If preferred, we can limit your party’s beverage options to a few handcrafted

cocktails, with special drink prices for the event. An example might be adding

a Mimosa special. If you would like food, including desserts or coffee, from

outside our current menu offerings, we can discuss that potential. Please

understand, that if we cater food that is not on our menu, the price of the food

will be worked into the overall tab.

In lieu of closing our venue to the general public, we can accommodate small

to medium sized parties while we are open. One group tab will be established

with 20% gratuity. A group tab for parties helps our mixology experts serve

you faster.



173° Craft Distillery
306 1st Ave N
Clear Lake, IA 50428
Tel: 641-357-1733

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